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Sweater: Free People

Tank Top: Hive & Honey

Scarf: Brightly Twisted

Leggings: Splendid

Shorts: Current/Elliott

Sandals: DV by Dolce Vita

Flats: Restricted

Since I officially fly out to Mexico in two days, I thought now would be an appropriate time to post about what I like to wear when I’m traveling.  And that would be leggings.  Whether it’s a roadtrip or a plane ride, if it works with the weather, I will be wearing leggings.  Some of the other things I like to wear on a plane are a chunky cardigan with a lightweight top underneath so I’m ready for whatever temperature the plane or airport are.  This is particularly convenient when traveling to a much warmer climate, because the cardigan can be quickly stashed in my carry on when the plane lands.  I also love scarves for a similar reason — scarves can be used as a blanket or a pillow or as back support if the seat is super uncomfortable.  And, when it’s not serving one of those purposes, it can hang from my body and takes up no extra space!

Depending on how chilly it is where I’m leaving from I’ll either go straight to the sandals I know I’ll be wearing the whole vacation, or I’ll wear cozy flats.  If I wear sandals I tend to throw a pair of socks in my carry on for on the plane to keep my feet warm.  My main requirement for footwear when I’m traveling is comfortable — sometimes running is required to make a connecting flight!

Another thing I like to do when traveling to a warm climate is roll up a pair of shorts in my carry on to switch into either on the plane or once we land.  They don’t take up much room and that way I feel like I’m ready to start my vacation right when I land!

Everything in this post is from Piperlime AND under $100 excluding the jean shorts(great alternative here!).  I love Piperlime for their selection — so many great pieces at all different price points!  I do recommend reading the reviews when purchasing online — there’s a lot of helpful information there!

this post is  not sponsered by piperlime — just like their clothes yo!


pink skirt one

pink skirt five

pink skirt three

pink skirt two

pink skirt fourTop: Forever 21

Skirt: Express — similar here

Heels: Bandolino — similar here

Clutch: Express — similar here

Necklace: Express — similar here

Earrings: Macy’s — similar here

Where: out to eat with my husband

Why:  This skirt is one of my favorite pieces for dressing up or down.  I’ve worn it many times with a chambray shirt or a slouchy cardigan to be casual, but with a top with a subtly sultry cut, some kitten heels and bold lipstick it’s perfect for a date night.  A little ruching on the hip can do wonderful things for your bum!

I also decided to play with a faux bob hairstyle — it’s a really simple way to make your long hair short for a night!  I basically just curled my hair like normal and then rolled the ends up and bobby pinned them to the nape of my neck, pulling little pieces out around my face.  Glamour has some great tricks to recreate the look here!

teal one

teal two

teal three

teal four

Shirt: Kohl’s

Camisole: Express

Jeans: Express — similar here

Boots: Aldo — similar here

Bracelet: gifted Tiffany and Co.

Earrings: Mainstreet Marketplace

Where: errand running and to the studio.

Why:  With what’s currently in my closet, this is as close as I can get to a monochromatic look, something I’ve been loving lately.  I picked up this shirt on sale a few weeks ago and didn’t realize how perfectly it went with these jeans until I got it home.  I love the pairing — especially with the world’s most perfect boots.  I wear them all the time — they’ve got a slight wedge to give me some height, they’re nice and tall to keep me warm in these Wisconsin winters and they go with just about everything.

I got these earrings shopping with my aunt in her hometown when I was in college for $10.  The triangle shape drew me in and now they’re in my ears probably 75% of the time.  They were the inspiration for my trillion cut engagement ring and they’re getting a little worn — I’d love to find another pair but it’s proving to be a difficult task!  Do you have a great cheap jewelry find?  I’d love to hear about it!

floral stripe two

floral stripe one

floral stripe six

floral stripe five

floral stripe four

floral stripe three

Trench: JcPenney — similar here

Top: GAP — similar here

Skirt: Charlotte Russe

Tights: Kohl’s

Boots: Kohl’s — similar here

Necklace: Charlotte Russe — similar here

Where: to the studio.

Why: For a long time now I’ve been interested in trying the floral/stripe trend — but this is the only striped shirt I have in my closet, and my only floral skirt was all pinks and oranges, and I just couldn’t quite make that leap.  I needed a skirt that just had a little bit of blue/navy in it.  Enter this skirt that I picked up on sale from Charlotte Russe for $5(in store, the link still as it at $25).  It has a black band that I didn’t love, so I just folded that part under and was much happier with how it looked!  I was pretty excited about this overall look — I love it when the new ideas in my head work out!

Since it was about 16 degrees when we were shooting these pictures I decided it would be the perfect opportunity to show you my trench coat!  It’s just a classic trench — tan and fitted with a belt that I never actually use as a belt.  I prefer to just tie it — easier to get on and off and lends itself to a more casual look.  It’s not too thick, but it does keep the wind out, much appreciated!

bow one

bow two

bow three

Blouse: Forever 21 – similar here

Sweater: The Limited – similar here

Pants: The Limited – similar here

Purse: Steve Madden – similar here

Pumps: Nine West – similar here

Watch: Fossil – similar here

Bracelet: Kohl’s – similar here

Necklace: JcPenney – similar here

Where: to the studio.

Why:  This sweater was a new piece I got during the after-Christmas sales.  It was a little more expensive ($25 at 50% off) than I was looking for, normally when I shop those sales I’m looking for pieces $20 and under, but it’s classic enough to last a long time in my closet.  I love how the bow wraps all the way around like a present would!

I got these pumps from Nine West last year for $30 on a trip to Chicago and I love them for a low, comfortable heel.  They proved to be very effective while shooting weddings this year, allowing me to move as quickly and easily as I can in flats but helping me feel dressed up enough to be attending a wedding.

I’ve got more posts lined up with some of my other sale finds — find me on Instagram for a sneak peek!

purple one

purple two

purple three

Shirt: Express

Vest: Express – similar here

Skirt: Limited – similar here

Scarf: H&M – similar here

Tights: Francesca’s

Booties: Guess

Ring: Lia Sophia

Lipstick: MAC Dramatic Encounter with MAC Flight or Fancy Lipglass from Holiday 2012

Where: to the studio

Why: My responsibilities at the studio vary and with that my appropriate attire varies.  Leggings and jeans are my go to for days full of photoshop, and while they also work for client meetings, sometimes I like to get use out of the dressier side of my closet.  This skirt, shirt, tights and booties is something that could easily be worn in a typical office setting with a cute belt and long necklace to add flavor.  But since we’re more causal at the studio, I added a motorcycle vest and pretty scarf to both keep me warm on this windy, windy day(see my skirt flying?!) and to dress it down.

What’s your favorite way to dress down your professional pieces?




Sweater: Urban Outfitters

Jeans: Express

Boots: Steve Madden

Nail Polish: Essie Very Structured and OPI Sprung

Cuff: Leighelena

Twisted Ring: Silpada

Earrings: Fossil, old – similar

Where:  Christmas at my grandparent’s house

Why: My grandparent’s house for Christmas always involves grazing all day — we get there for lunch and stay through to dinner with presents, football and games between the meals, but much of the food is left out all day.  I knew I wanted to wear something comfortable that could expand with me and this sweater is perfect for that — oversized and baggy, and really warm.  While skinny jeans aren’t the most conducive to a day of eating these have a lot of stretch to them and I knew that if need be I could unbutton them(who hasn’t done that from time to time?!) and the loose sweater would keep my secret.  Because we’d be making lots of trips carrying things in and out of the house I wore my flat brown boots — they kept me warm and kept me balanced on the snowy/icy driveway.

Does your family dress up for Christmas celebrations or keep it casual?