Wedge Sneakers

1- Steve Madden – $100   2- Modern Vice – $130   3- Rachel Roy – $149   4- Madden Girl – $60

5- ASOS – $44   6- Sketchers – $80   7- BDG – $79   8- Ash – $200

Lately I’ve really been loving the idea of a wedge sneaker.  I’m generally short, so any added height is always appreciated, and my favorite way to do that when I’m on the go is with a wedge.  They’re so much more comfortable than heels — and can be as dressy or casual as needed.  It’s hard to pick, but I think my favorites of these eight are #3 because they’re so girly and cute, and #6 because I love a little leather incorporated in anything I wear.

I’m pretty confident that #8 is what some of the girls wore for the final performance in Pitch Perfect, which is pretty much the main reason they made it onto this board.  I love that movie!  Have you seen it?  What did you think?